Tell Me More…

Founded in 1973, Sea Sweet Patisserie now has a number of premium ‘destination’ cafe stores in the Lebanon.

In 2008 the story began in Sydney, Australia.

The very first international Sea Sweet Retail Store and a large dedicated manufacturing bakery opened in Sydney’s West.

Today this state of the art manufacturing facility with full HACCP accreditation and a highly skilled, dedicated Team continue to maintain the Sea Sweet Brand & Product Excellence that comes with every delicious bite.

Products that truly delight and excite.


A big kitchen theory…

We don’t have a “Factory” – why?

Well we’ve found that ‘factories’ tend to lack inspiration and passion – they’re really pretty ‘soulless’ spaces.

Instead we have what we like to call a “Big Kitchen” it’s also a pretty awesome Bakery too, and yep it’s quite big.

So, on any given day in our Big Kitchen under the watchful eye of Sea Sweet’s Internationally experienced and acclaimed Chefs, we use the very highest of quality ingredients whilst employing the authentic techniques, recipes and skills that make our products the amazing experience they are.

If you haven’t tried them yet – you really should.


Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

In the Middle East there is a phrase that describes the utmost definition of enjoyment while enjoying what you’re eating, or tasting something incredibly delicious, we say SahTain (صحتين).

If you’re eating Sea Sweet we say SahTain (صحتين) to you.

Come and Enjoy