Exclusive, delicious and only at Sea Sweet

Sea Sweet is the only place in Australia where you’ll find ‘Knefe’, a delicacy consisting of a Semolina encrusted sweet cheese, served in our signature, house baked bread bun and finished with a homemade orange blossom sugar syrup…Come visit the stores to taste something original, divine and 100% authentic.

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A delicious and truly authentic taste of the Middle East

Knefe – It’s one of our signature products and once you taste it you are going to be hooked.

Come in and enjoy this delicious authentic sweet – exclusively at Sea Sweet stores located in Sydney.

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Sweets with Love

Here at Sea Sweet we are one big Family, our chefs make food for the Family and our Team treats you like Family – With Love x

If you would like to find out more about bulk product delivery options, contact us on 1300 90 80 70 or  sales@seasweet.com.au